:: Crown Leadership International Group ::

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Our Vision & Mission

"Generating a lucid vision of your child’s potential and creating channels that produce astonishing breakthroughs in the child."



It is our intent that each child develops to his/her maximum abilities. With the training courses and leadership camps we provide, we will make certain you are making the right choice at the right time.



  • To learn, develop the youth’s leadership potential and achieve the great goals in life.
  • To enhance their self-image and learn how to be confident in themselves
  • To nurture, reassure teens of their true worth and value and enable them to make choices to improve the quality of their lives
  • To develop mature young teens who are not afraid to BE BOLD in pursuing their dreams.
  • To develop accountability for their roles in future relationships and set realistic expectations for future relationships.
  • To enhance robust leadership and equip them with life skills to be a successful individual.

To Register for Our Events, Please Contact us at +65 6633 5318 or Email: register@crownleadership.com