Contract Drafting and Negotiation in 8 Hours Masterclass

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20th Nov 2018



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The effective negotiation and drafting of contracts is essential to the survival of your department an organisation. Contract Drafting and Negotiation in 8 Hours will provide you with the skills to not only negotiate best outcomes in your contracts but structure and design your agreements to ensure you to avoid costly mistakes. In this 1-day masterclass, you will learn what it takes to be a successful negotiator, understanding the psychological basis of successful strategies and tactics. When combined with the skills and knowledge to draft effective clauses, you will walk away more confident in your role, able to save your organisation thousands in legal costs and even more in contractual errors. Attend Crown Leadership International Group’s Contract Drafting and Negotiation in 8 Hours Masterclass to become the maestro of your organisation!

Learning Objectives

  • Sharing excellence in best practices & tips in preparing & negotiating commercial projects
  • Knowing the meaning of words used in contract terms
  • Mastering how to get other party to say “Yes” to all your terms & conditions
  • Overcoming obstacles in difficult negotiations
  • Identifying negotiation strategies to deal with tricks and tactics
  • Understanding the purpose & role of contracts
  • Appreciating the structure and content of commercial contracts
  • Choosing the right contract clauses to protect your organisation needs
  • Sharpening the fundamental basic drafting skills
  • Enhancing learning by participating in exercise for contract preparation

Who should attend?

Laws and regulations governing general business and contracts are becoming increasingly complex. If you sign-off, approve and/ or are involved in commercial negotiations, at any level, you need to understand the fundamentals of contract law not only to protect your organisation’s interests but to ensure your organisation is not exposed to unnecessary risk and liability.

Anyone who has to negotiate, manage, transact with, or resolve disputes with third parties.

  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Deal Makers
  • Contract Negotiators
  • Contract Managers
  • Customer Account Managers
  • Relationship Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Suppliers
  • Procurement Managers

Topics Covered

  • The Nuts and Bolts of a Contract
  • Unfair Contracts Legislation in Australia
  • Negotiating a Contract
  • Drafting a Contract