Effective Stakeholder Management and Engagement Strategies Virtual Masterclass

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15th Sep 2021


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Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra  (GMT+11): 9am to 5pm

Adelaide (GMT+10:30): 8.30am to 4.30pm

Brisbane (GMT+10):8am to 4pm

Perth, Singapore, Malaysia (GMT+8): 6am to 2pm

New Zealand (GMT+13): 11am to 7pm


Organisations are increasingly expected to engage with community stakeholders and demonstrate their efforts to formulate a formal process. Too often community engagement processes are bland, miss the mark and illustrate processes that actually alienate the stakeholders to gain a greater understanding of the actions of organisations and the reasons for them

– thus building up relationships between them and community. The wide variety of issues that industry need to consult on and the range of different stakehstakeholders and community members they are trying to involve. Good and effective community engagement brings new information to the table, allowing olders that might be involved means that the number and mix of potential methodologies for community engagement is massive.

This masterclass uses a Roadmap as a framework for practical planning for community engagement. Participants will work through a planning process developing skills for communication and involvement of small and large groups of people. The pros and cons of different methodologies are examined, and the circumstances in which particular tools might be used are clarified.

Learning Objectives

  • Review the principles of community engagement
  • Develop risk/benefit assessment skills – how to ascertain current and potential community and stakeholder concerns
  • Construct a methodology to identify potential costs, benefits and impacts
  • Determine appropriate processes and tools to incorporate for community engagement by examining objectives, stakeholders and resources
  • Formulate a community engagement timeline and implementation plan
  • Undertaking internal skills assessments to establish available skill sets to assist implementation
  • Communication, facilitation and dispute resolution tools to encourage participation while avoiding disputes
  • Current skills inventory for community/stakeholder management and engagement
  • Good and bad experiences of community/stakeholder management and engagement
  • Identification of current community/stakeholder management and engagement process focus areas

Who should attend?

All executives playing key organisational roles in community and stakeholder engagement processes, project participants and consultants

Topics Covered

  • Stakeholder Management
  • Resource Allocation & Budgeting
  • The Community Engagement ROADMAP
  • Community & Stakeholder Engagement Overview
  • Engagement Levels, Goals & Communication Levels
  • Risk Assessments & Conflict Management
  • Community Engagement Principles