From Technical Professional to Manager Masterclass

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16th Jun 2021


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Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra  (GMT+11): 9am to 5pm

Adelaide (GMT+10:30): 8.30am to 4.30pm

Brisbane (GMT+10):8am to 4pm

Perth, Singapore, Malaysia (GMT+8): 6am to 2pm

New Zealand (GMT+13): 11am to 7pm



Over the last century, the global economy has gradually shifted from a capital and labor driven market to one fueled by information, and more recently one enhanced by human talent. With the education levels of the labor force rising steadily, corporations are becoming increasingly reliant on highly-skilled, technical employees. In today’s fast-paced world, companies depend on their top talent, not only to develop ideas, improve processes and drive innovation, but ultimately to create a competitive advantage. Despite the prevalence and importance of technical roles within today’s corporations, many struggle with how to effectively lead Technical Professionals. As such, some companies are failing to leverage the knowledge and skills of their most talented employees – and their greatest assets.

This masterclass aims to help delegates acquire management and leadership concepts on visioning and executing projects and motivating teams, giving useful and constructive feedback, coaching and mentoring techniques and building high trust, high performance teams. Delegates will focus on developing skill set that will enable them to lead and motivate their people to meet and exceed their objectives. They will learn how to anticipate and manage conflicts, and to delegate effectively in order to get poor performers back on track and stimulate their high performers.

The masterclass is intended for engineers, IT professionals, scientists, managers, current and prospective supervisors, current and prospective project leaders, and anyone who could benefit from being more influential.

Participants learn the differences between leadership and management and how to develop specific leadership skills that are important to ALL engineers and technical professionals. The most important leadership traits that apply to engineering and project leadership responsibilities are emphasized. Participants engage in exercises that assess their individual leadership abilities and provide guidance for further skill development.

Learning Objectives

  • Developing leadership skills that will set you apart as a top performer—regardless of your position, title or job description.
  • How to expand your contributions to the success of the company without waiting for a new job or a bigger assignment.
  • How to tailor your influence strategy to the mindset of the person you wish to influence.
  • How to deal with open resistance to your ideas, and how to get hidden resistance out into the open.
  • How to maximize your persuasiveness when presenting new ideas or proposals.
  • How to move a relationship or discussion from conflict to collaboration.
  • How to get the feedback you need to accelerate your growth as a leader.
  • How to create a development plan that will deliver significant improvement, and put you on the path to long-term leadership success.
  • Elevating communication skills – How to get the best out of wide range of stakeholders without being argumentative and entering into conflict mode

Who should attend?

This masterclass meets the needs of those with a specialist skill who are now responsible for managing the work of others. It caters for professionals in fields such as finance, law, engineering, research, science, medical, IT and other technical services.

Topics Covered

  • Overcoming Change Fatigue in Your Organisation and Equipping Your Managers to Lead Change
  • Developing Effective Listening Strategies
  • Building and Enhancing Your Influencing & Persuasion Skills
  • The IQ Myth and Why Your Technical Professional Ability Will Limit your Success
  • Elevating Your Written Communication
  • Mastering Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
  • Becoming an Expert in Conflict Resolution

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