Managing a Post Pandemic Workforce and Redesigning an Agile HR Function Masterclass

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24th Mar 2021


Live Webinar

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Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra  (GMT+11): 9am to 5pm

Adelaide (GMT+10:30): 8.30am to 4.30pm

Brisbane (GMT+10):8am to 4pm

Perth, Singapore, Malaysia (GMT+8): 6am to 2pm

New Zealand (GMT+13): 11am to 7pm


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of life. It has particularly changed the nature of work and has demanded faster, and more effective decision-making. This masterclass will review the changes the pandemic has caused to work and impacts on the workforce which managers need to consider. Additionally, it will propose new methods for management of the workforce which will lead to higher performance. Enterprise Agility is a recent application of the Agile methodology which originated in software development. Enterprise agility proposes that there are elements of an organisation which could move faster, reduce bureaucracy, and devolve decision-making to semi-permanent or ad hoc teams specifically appointed for a project or activity. The Human Resources function has faced much criticism due to claimed slow processes, high levels of bureaucracy, and micromanagement of the function. Agile provides a solution. In the masterclass, we will consider redesigning the HR function to improve the speed, decision-making, and effectiveness of the function.

Throughout the masterclass, we will review case studies and practical application of proposed ideas to consider their application in your workplace.

All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the Masterclass Leader’s new e-book “Never Before: Pandemic Redesign of Work”

Learning Objectives

At the end this masterclass, you will have a better understanding of:

  • The impact of the pandemic on the nature of work and the workforce.
  • The influence of COVID-19 induced fear and grief in the workplace.
  • The changing role of leaders to navigate the post-pandemic impacts.
  • How to build Adaptive Capacity for resilience and high performance.
  • Measuring management success of the post-pandemic workforce
  • What is the work of the HR function.
  • How the HR function adds greatest value.
  • What is enterprise agility.
  • Using enterprise agility to redesign the HR function.
  • Rethinking the measurement of success of the HR function

Featuring Our Speakers

Patrick Sheehan


Nicholson Sheehan Consulting

I am a highly experienced organisational development and human resource management consultant. I have specialist skills in the design and implementation of high- performance corporate cultures, organisational performance systems including business and workforce planning, and human capital management systems as well as leadership development and coaching.

I am an experienced keynote speaker and panelist. A selection of my speaking engagements include:

* Employee Engagement Asia Conference, Singapore – MC & Keynote speaker

* Human Assets South East Asia Summit, Kuala Lumpur – Conference speaker * Total Rewards, Compensation & Benefits Asia Conference, Singapore – MC and Keynote speaker * HR Leadership Asia Pacific Summit, Cypress Lakes Resort, Hunter Valley, Australia – Keynote speaker * IIR Workforce Planning Conference, Melbourne Australia – Keynote speaker.

My international experience includes working throughout Southeast Asia, China, India, the Middle East, UK, Switzerland, Australia and the Pacific. While working with RHG, I won the prestigious Davidson Trahaire Corpsych Award for Employer of Choice (more than 1000 employees) at the 2006 Australian HR Awards.

Who should attend?

This live webinar masterclass is suitable for Business Leaders, Directors, Business Unit Head, Heads of HR, Country Managers, HR Managers, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Managers responsible for managing teams or individuals.

Topics Covered

  • How the Pandemic has Changed the World
  • Effects of the pandemic which will outlast the virus
  • COVID-19 cases have fallen but how do we restart work
  • Revisiting the HR function
  • What is enterprise agility
  • Redesigning the HR function