Mastering Service Recovery Strategies Masterclass

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20th Nov 2018



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In today’s competitive business environment, enterprises depend on a strong reputation in order to be successful. Enterprises need to be customer-service oriented so that they maintain their customers’ loyalty and therefore have an edge over their competitors. Customers have become increasingly demanding over time and most enterprises can expect a lapse in service delivery occasionally, whether due to the fault of the enterprise or not. Enterprises need to be responsive to their customers’ complaints otherwise they risk having dissatisfied customers who may take to social media and publicize their complaints in order to get redress on their grievances from the court of public opinion. Such negative publicity can cause tremendous reputational loss to the enterprise, not to mention a loss of confidence from their existing customers. Over time, this will erode employee morale as well as affect the revenue potential of the enterprise as potential customers turn to competitors who are able to provide better service experiences to them. This one-day masterclass will help customer-service employees to understand and apply general principles of handling customer complaints and performing service recovery in their own area of work. The topics covered include:

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the fundamentals of a complaints management system
  • Understanding behaviour of customers who complain
  • Understanding the relationship between Customer Expectations & Service Recovery Actions
  • Knowing the different types of Service Delivery Failures
  • Knowing the elements of an effective Service Recovery Strategy
  • Knowing how to implement the Service Recovery Strategy
  • Managing Service Failures Effectively
  • Winning back the Customer’s Loyalty

Who should attend?

This master class is intended for Managers and Customer-service Executives whose roles and responsibilities include customer service delivery and complaint handling in various industries such as supply chain and logistics, telecommunications, food & beverage and retail.