Workplace Conflict Management Masterclass

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19th Nov 2019



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Workplace conflict is inevitable and unavoidable. When conflict is destructive it may be costly to recruiting, productivity, creativity, retention, and ROI. A different paradigm shows the way to transform conflict into profit. When leaders can use conflict to develop their teams, they unleash a new energy, confidence, and e’spirit. This energy is a competitive advantage that few organizations can effectively harness. Those that are successful see huge returns to the bottom line.

If you are a leader, you spend time addressing conflict. Your skills are most likely based on what you have gained from your life experience. Leading conflict to a competitive advantage

requires a distinct set of skills. These skills are a combination of artful mastery and the emerging science of behavioral economics and social neuropsychology. Crown Leadership International Group’s Workplace Conflict Management Masterclass will open a new world of possibilities for using conflicts and using them to create stronger teams, increase productivity, unleash creativity, and ultimately increase profits or organizational effectiveness.

This highly interactive masterclass will teach you to lead teams through task and interpersonal conflicts in deliberate, thoughtful, and effective process through role plays and group discussions. As you add conflict skills to your leadership repertoire, you will gain the confidence to confront any serious workplace conflict constructively and positively. Conflict will become a welcome indication of opportunity and profit.

Learning Objectives

  • BENCHMARK against human conflict dynamics in your workplace
  • RECOGNIZE the difference between task conflicts, resource conflicts and personality conflicts
  • LEARN about unconscious leadership responses to conflict
  • DISCOVER the CRIP model to untangle the conflict challenge
  • DIAGNOSE hierarchal conflicts (superior – employee; superior – superior, employee- employee)
  • OVERCOME the conflict escalation in your organization
  • GAIN INSIGHTS on emotional data fields that can affect your performance
  • BUILD up your adaptive leadership skills to lead people out of conflict

Who should attend?

This training will be of particular benefit to HR professionals with a responsibility for shaping the company’s response to employment conflicts and to anyone who wants to learn how to minimize conflict in their workplace.

Job titles:

  • HR Managers
  • Presidents/Vice Presidents
  • Heads and Senior Managers
  • Directors
  • General Managers

Responsible for the following function:

  • HR
  • Performance measurement
  • Employee relations
  • Strategic planning
  • Organization development
  • Workforce planning
  • Talent management
  • Training and development
  • Business development

Topics Covered

  • Identify Critical Sources and Types of Workplace Conflicts
  • Dealing with Workplace Conflict
  • Hierarchal Conflicts in the Workplace
  • Master Effective Communication Techniques
  • Accountability in Conflict Management